4.Red Wines

75cl....£18.00, 250ml...£7.10, 175ml....£5.60, 125ml....£4.00

A typical Chilean Merlot with a rich mix of blackcurrant & plum flavours & a hint of leather supported by wonderful soft tannins

75cl....£19.00, 250ml...£7.30, 175ml....£5.80, 125ml....£4.20

A well-rounded wine, soft & rich with ripe currant flavours; It is smooth, full bodied & has a warming finish.

75cl....£21.50, 250ml...£7.60, 175ml....£6.10, 125ml....£4.40

Bright, aromatic & juicy on the nose. True to the varietal, the tiny proportion of Melbec in this blend gives a flowery perfume.

75cl....£22.50, 250ml...£8.10, 175ml....£6.60, 125ml....£4.60

Another black aromatic Malbec under this dark, starry label. Once again inspired by the Australian night, tis is darkly appealing, chocolate Malbec with an abundance of crisp, minerally fruit.

Le Fou translates as “The Madman; a warm, ripe cherry fruit, is intense & sweet with a savoury twist. Raspberry & gamey on the nose with violet & blueberries.


A magnificent Spanish red Rioja with lovely plum & spicy flavours which continue through to a long complex finish

Deep purple hue with a complex bouquet of spices & ripe fruits  scents. Powerful structures with a soft sweetness. Gentle tannins & lasting finish.

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